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More intelligent downloading


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Let's say my internet bandwidth (download ) is 128 kB/seconds (this means a 1 GB connection).

I selected 10 files for downloading, so I have 10 torrents in the queue.

My interest is to download the first file as quickly as possible, but if it has a lower availability, it is recommended to start to download the second file, in order to use my maximum bandwidth.

So, I would the uTorrent application to automatically manage this game.

More specifically: try to download the first torrent in queue with the maximum available bandwidth capacity. If this is not affordable, take the next file (torrent) in the queue, and so on, also depending on the number of torrent dowloads I specified in the Preferences menu.

I hope I was clear.

Many thanks,


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If you intend to maximize download speeds, it would be only fair that you have to maximize upload speeds at the same time.

...but your post makes no mention in that regard.

Also if a connection can download at 128 KiloBYTES/sec, then it may be as slow as a 1 megabit/sec connection -- barely 1/1000th of a Gigabit/sec connection.

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OK, I will repeat in other words, to be more clear.

Now, when I want to download 10 files, I set in the Queuing submenu the

Maximum nr. of active torrents (up+down) = 10 files

Max. nr. of active downloads = 10

I wait for 5-10 minutes to see what are the torrents that will download in the shortest time.

Then I arrange my download list having the fastest torrent in the first place of the list, and so on. When I finished, I go back to the Queing menu, and set the

Maximum nr. of active torrents (up+down) = 2 (or mabe 3)

Max. nr. of active downloads = the same as above.

I don't want to set these parameters to 1, because if the downloading gets lower for some reason (some of the peers get out of the process for example), that would mean to stop all dowloading, or make it at least very slow.

In the way describe above I will get the first file in the shortest possible time.

Could this be automatized???

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In principle, you are right. It's hard to figure out how much time will take to complete a download, since new peers may come in and others may stop seeding.

This is why I am talking about *intelligent* download management. The application can test, let's say every 5 or 10 minutes, my actual download conditions and make a priority list, with the quickest dowloading torrent on the first place etc.

But, it was just an idea after all...

Thanks for your time!


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But you're not understanding DWK here. It's not about how many peers come in or out. It's about how you're dividing the download rates unevenly among torrents -- that does not give an accurate picture as to how fast a torrent will be downloading, as the speed is *basically* split arbitrarily (or maybe influenced a bit by Bandiwdth Allocation).

Besides that, an initial snapshot of how a torrent is running cannot be used to determine its overall condition. A torrent that might take time to ramp up might maintain a higher average speed than other torrents that have volatile speeds, but ramped up quickly (which might give this intelligent queueing system the impression that the torrent is fast). Stopping and starting every 5-10 minutes to check just means the torrent has to ramp up over and over, which only repeats my last point over and over.

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It usually (80% of cases) takes over 45 minutes to get an accurate picture of a torrent's performance.

A torrent's best speeds are shown when it is the only torrent active on the connection.

You are NOT giving proper conditions for testing because of the number of additional ways you're splitting your connection by having additional torrents active.

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Now, there is one thing (among many others :-) that I do not understand.

Sometimes, I have the impression that uTorrent already has implemented this feature request.

At present, I am downloading 10 files (torrents). I set the queue to max. 3 torrents (down+up; down). In spite of this, since the first 3 files in the list do not use all of my bandwidt, uTorrent started to download another 4 or 5 torrents that are further back on the list.

Am I forcing already open doors with this feature request?

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