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Help: µtorrent disregarding designated download folder


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This afternoon,I started µtorrent after a gap of about 2 weeks.

I added a new torrent for downloading and the download started well.

When I went to check about this new download in the designated folder that I have set for µtorrent to put all incoming and completed downloads,I was surprised to see that this new download was not there.

(this designated folder is in F drive)

Coming back to the main µtorrent window,I right-clicked the torrent and clicked on "Open Containing folder",I found that the new download has been put in a folder in C drive.

Why and How did this happen ?

I checked in the preferences window that my designated download folder path is still showing as F drive ??

This is the second time this goof-up has happened. :(

Please tell me if any settings need to be modifed ?

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The save as path in the General tab is (for this new torrent):

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Downloads\"the file"

Now the funny thing is I currently have another unfinished torrent in the main utorrent window (whose download is presently "stopped" ) and the save as path for this is showing as:

F:\µtorrent Downloads\...........

(this is my designated download folder for µtorrent )


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