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i had the same problem: when ever i clicked on a download link, the dialog box asking that i confirm i wanted to open uTorrent would appear but when i selected OK, it would ways fail with an unspecified error. To get around this i would have to save the .torrent file instead and then manually open that same .torrent file once inside uTorrent via file/add torrent. a pita!

So i poked around and figured it out, at least on my machine. I run XP SP2 but i think this mechanism for file association hasn't changed in a very long time with Windows.

I opened file manager, selected tools/folders options; selected the file types tab; scrolled down until i found an entry listed alphabetically for .torrent; selected the change button in the details for torrent grouping; selected uTorrent as the program i wanted to use to open this type of file; checked the box labeled "always use the selected program to open this kind of file"; pressed ok to confirm the change; and pressed ok to confirm the update to torrent.

From that point on, my association worked perfectly.


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