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I'm having the same problem. At the moment it's only 1 torrent that's doing it and I'm fairly certain that it's being caused by google. I've had all kinds of problems with google and microsoft in the last year over downloading torrents, so much so that microsoft locked my account (although they won't admit why they locked it because I was downloading torrents with an app I purchased from the vaunted microsoft store) and now I'm having the same kind of problems with uTorrent, an app I purchased from the Google Play Store. I really don't understand why companies like google and microsoft sell these apps if they don't want anyone to use them. It seems like a really crappy way to make a profit and treat your customers. More, I'm trying to download one particular torrent, an older, rather obscure movie, and someone, presumably google, keeps Pausing the download. This has been going on for 2 days now. I've gone so far as to delete the download entirely and start again from scratch but the same problem immediately started again. I don't think it's the download itself or the sources that's causing the problem because I'm attempting to download the same movie from the same source on a different device from a different manufacturer and this "Pausing" isn't happening. I've deleted and removed google from my devices as thoroughly as I can and scanned for viruses but I think that there's some sort of backdoor on the problematic device that was intentionally created by google just for this kind of nefarious purpose. If anyone has any suggestions on how to completely, utterly and irrevocably block google from my devices I'd greatly appreciate it.

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