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uTorrent Sign Six Month PeerFactor Agreement


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i was looking at utorrent response about the program and i saw this i dont know if its true

(peterpaulw added on March 5, 2006)

Used to be an excellent choice for a Bittorrent client. But since the lead developer of µTorrent, Ludvig Strigeus has made a deal with an Anti-P2P company (peerfactor.fr), the trustworthyness of the closed-source client is in question. I'm not against commercial use of P2P, but working with a company of such background is highly objectionable. (going back to Azureus!)

uTorrent Sign Six Month RetSpan Agreement


PeerFactor invents 'peer-against-peer' networks

May 06, 2004 @ 05:28pm

Huge controversy in France: Retspan, a French anti-piracy organization, has launched a new service called PeerFactor. The idea: pay P2P users to distribute fakes that redirect downloaders to legal web sites.

This service has 2 effects. First, it creates a new kind of spoofing method based on Web users. Second, it brings P2P users to legal download platforms. Members are paid according to the number of redirections or purchases that are made thanks to the fakes they distribute.




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