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Merge external incomplete file to already running torrent


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sometimes i'm running a torrent and already received a a significant number of blocks, then i get another incomplete file from another source (ed2k, irc, ftp etc).

I would like to merge/import this incomplete file into the file i'm already downloading with utorrent.

I know usually i could just rename the external file to the file in the torrent and copy it into the torrent folder and rehash, but then i'd lose the parts i already downloaded.

So in the files tab, when rightclicking a file, i was thinking of another entry (merge/import external file).

I hope you understand what i mean...

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ok, this *may* be a way to achieve what i want, but starting a 2nd bt client, maybe even on a 2nd machine, is certainly not an elegant or usuable solution.

Especially since coding the extension would probably be less work than merging two files in the way described in that post. (i added this function to emule with about 2 pages of code, if utorrent was open source, i would have done it myself)

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Another way of achieving merging two torrents is setting up a 2nd client for the same torrent file, and then manually add peer with address<whatever port you use>. I'm just mentioning because it may not seem so obvious... It works perfectly.

You'll need a double space on your HD, of course, but only for a short period of time.

Anyone knows of eMule mod that allows this kind of playing while client is up and running?

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emule Morph has an "import parts" function. Works great. I've used this in the past to merge two ed2k partfiles together, or a bittorrent partfile into an ed2k partfile. Of course it only merges in complete ed2k chunks, so you'll miss most of it because the chunk sizes differ. It's more effective to convert an ed2k partfile into a torrent partfile by renaming the ###.part to filename.ext.ut! , because torrent chunks are smaller. (emule has 9.something MiB chunks, bittorrent mostly 128KiB..1MiB)

Of course this is only a hack for the case that you already have two half-full partfiles from both networks. For parallel ed2k+bt downloading better use a hybrid client like lphant, but I'm completely offtopic by now.

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Thank you so much for the local loopback idea, zshare! It is obvious once you think about it, but it's never occurred to me, and this has been bugging me for some time.

This is what finally worked for me: The doppelgänger utorrent setup

- Set up a second instance of utorrent as described in this thread

- run both instances with /RECOVER

- stop torrents

- give utorrent#2 a different incoming port that is firewalled from the internet

- in utorrent#2:

max upload = 0(disabled)

max download = 0(disabled) because otherwise upload is throttled

max connections, max peers per torrent, slots per torrent: set all to 1 (we want it to be monogamous with its promiscuous twin)

no DHT, no scrape, no peer exchange

or even better to avoid upload overhead: shield off utorrent#2 from internet altogether - if you have a software firewall that can block a specific exe (I haven't)

- in either utorrent: clear sources, add source: my-lan-ip:port-of-other-utorrent

(, or localhost:port didn't work)

- start both downloads and make sure they connect (shows up as "localhost" or as your computer's name)

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Thanks, DWK, for your suggestion here and here...http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=192632#p192632

I had two parts of a file I had spent ages trying to track down and finally managed to end up with it split across on two machines on my LAN (don't ask). Your idea worked brilliantly, once I got my head around it and cleared the peer lists. It was like watching water flow from one bucket into another - via VNC I could see the other machine's utorrent state live.

I had a suspicion both parts of the file complemented each other, and I was right - because of this I lost none of it.

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Just a suggestion:

In a download directory:

a_movie.avi --a stopped but incompleted file from another client

a_movie.avi.!ut --a uT working file

a_movie.avi.!ut.1 --an incompleted uT working file, or another stopped incompleted or working file from another client.

... (also files with bad data)

On context menu, click advanced...merge incomplete copies

uTorrent will compute the hashes on the incomplete copies and merge to working copy where it find blanks, hashfailed parts are ignored.

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