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What's wrong here, Windows or utorrent?


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I'm getting some wierd behaviours when I run utorrent. I don't really think that's it's utorrent's fault, but I thought I'd start by asking here to see if anyone has any clues as to what could be wrong.

I have a Win 2003 Web Edition server with a 100MBit connection. I thought that I would be able to set my up/down speeds to at least 10Mbit, but the computer will have none of it. When the upload goes above about 7-8Mbit my Remote Desktop Connetion suddenly becomes extremly slow. Then within a short period of time one of 2 things happens:

Situation #1: The entire computer locks up and I have to reboot it

Situation #2: It crashes and comes back without a reboot but with an error code saying that Windows was unresponsive. In the process it closes all my running programs.

So in either case I have to restart utorrent and go at it again.

It's been running without problem for the past 2 hours with the up/down limits set to 600kB/s. I've tried it with the down limited to 600kB/s and the up set to both 2048kB/s (20Mbit) and 1024kB/s (10Mbit) but both settings kill the server. Setting it to 20 normally ends up in situation #1 whereas 10Mbit normally ends up with situation #2.

Like I said, I really think this is a Windows/Firewall issue rather than a utorrent issue, but I'd like to be sure.


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Have you tweaked the TCP/IP settings (MTU, receive window size, etc) in any way?

Is DHT and UPnP disabled?

Is Windows firewall enabled or disabled?

What settings are you using? Particulary all the ones shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) plus half-open limit.

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I have not touched the TCP/IP setting.

"Enable UPnP port mapping" is enabled. For DHT "Enable DHT Network", "Enable DHT for new torrents", "Ask tracker for scrape information", and "Enable Peer Exchange" are all enabled.

Windows firewall is disabled. There's a Cisco Firewall on which I've mapped the port I'm using.

Speed Guide settings are as follows:

Connection Type: xx/640k

Upload Limit: 60 kB/s

Connections / torrent: 100

Max active torrents: 4

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (global): 375

Max active downloads: 3

net.max_halfopen: 8

Did I get everything? Is there any other information that would be useful?

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