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Connection Issue


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Lately I've been noticing that uTorrent 1.6 isn't connecting to the trackers correctly. The past couple of days I've been seeding/leeching fine until I found out a couple trackers I frequent had me unconnectable and others not. uTorrent never gave me an indication of trouble because it still showed the green light and a hash test to see if my client connects to it passed, as well as uTorrent's test for port forward passed also.

I've talked to alot of people and it seems alot are having the same issues as me. No one knows why or what is causing it either and thats why am here asking for help.

Wish I could post pics but didnt take any. All I could say is that if I upp a torrent to a site it will be connectable until the tracker is refreshed or restarted, then it goes back to unconnectable. I know it takes awhile for uTorrent to update the tracker and the tracker to update as well but after 2 days it never did for me. It kept seeding as usual but come to find out, the entire time I was unconnectable even though uTorrent still had a green light.

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