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utorrent 1.6 and AMD c&q


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hello every one here.

i'm using utorrent for about 4 months now without any problems.

but few days back i enabled AMD cool n quiet feature on my pc, since then i'm having problems with utorrent 1.6 it hangs simultaneously. For checking purpose I disabled cool n quiet and then it works perfectly.

So is utorrent is having any issues with Amd c&q.

my system specs are

Amd athlon 64 3200+ winchester

512 MB corsair value RAM

msi k8n neo 4 platinum.

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I do not have the Cool 'N Quiet feature enabled on my AMD Athlon 64 chip, however, immediately after the initial install (and keep in mind I had just formatted the computer so it was clean) uTorrent repeatedly went into a state of "Not Responding" and periodic complete freezes. I thought I had this problem fixed for a minute by setting it's service priority to "High," however as soon as I tried to download a torrent, the program went into fits again.

I would love to hear back from anyone with ideas on how to fix this issue. I'm currently using Azureus, however the client doesn't recognize my network settings correctly. For instance, it tells me that there are NAT errors (even when all ports are opened) but yet still allows connects from external sources for upload. Something tells me that Azureus might be broken as well.

System Specs:

AMX Athlon 64 3700+

2 GB Corsair Value RAM

ASUS A8N Motherboard

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Thanks for your suggestion DreadWingKnight, but it (hopefully, since I never installed the client software) shouldn't be the nVidia hardware firewall on the system. Instead, I use the firewall included with Windows XP as well as run my system through an ISA Server firewall (server is managed by myself). Sorry that I didn't mention the nVidia information last night. It was very late (or very early depending on your outlook) and I didn't even think of it.

Now the next logical idea would be to move on to ISA (Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration) Server. However, I don't see why this would be causing a problem as I allowed all incoming connection on a certain port and then set that port in the uTorrent configuration as the upload port. And for the 30-some odd seconds that the process lasted, I seemed to be downloading and uploading information properly.

P.S. I will have to look further into the nVidia option to see if perhaps I need to completely disable an option in the BIOS. (If I find anything regarding the hardware firewall, I will let you know)


I just read the information in the FAQ regarding the nVidia firewall and wanted to let you know that the uTorrent process doesn't look to be consuming much of any system resources or processor time (let alone huge amounts).

Also, I'm not sure if this might have anything to do with the problem, but I do have AVG Antivirus (free edition) installed on the system. However, I'm not sure as to why the uTorrent process would run fine for a few minutes and then crash randomly if AVG was causing the problem. Seems like AVG would have a conflict with the uTorrent process from the very beginning if it was going to have one at all.


I just stepped through all of the BIOS settings and may now confirm that the nVidia hardware firewall is in fact disabled (at least as disabled as the user may have it). However, if I'm not mistaken, I remember reading an article a while ago stating that the nVidia hardware firewall on all A8N model motherboards is somewhat enabled regardless of user settings. (Can someone confirm this?)

Also, I'm going to try two other proceedures and report back as soon as possible. I'm going to [1] Run the standalone application and see if that makes any difference compared to the installer package (though I doubt it will) and [2] Uninstall AVG Free Antivirus completely and test both applications.


Alright, I have now gone through the process described in "Edit2" with no desireable results. I didn't figure that the standalone application would provide any different results than the installer package (since it's the same binary I'm sure), however, I wanted to make sure that the installer wasn't causing any problems.

Disabling Windows Firewall and Uninstalling AVG Free Antivirus had absolutely no effect on the performance of uTorrent, and again (repeated) the application underwent a "Not Responding" status and eventually froze. And just to make sure, I opened up all traffic in & out through ISA Server to make sure that it wouldn't be causing a problem. Again, no luck.

I am now at a complete loss to understand why this application isn't running properly on a (basically fresh) install of Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2.

Any ideas are more than welcome!

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Ah, yes, perhaps my posts as well as DreadWingKnight's reply should be move to a new topic. I was trying not to start new topics when issues seemed somewhat closely related, but I suppose it didn't work this time. My problem does not have to do with Cool 'N Quiet. Rather, my problem relates through the random "Not Responding" statuses and subsequent freezes.

So, if you don't mind moving the posts about a bit Firon, just send me a link or something later so I know where to check back for updates to the problem. Otherwise, I suppose I'll just start a new topic later and link back to this one? It's up to you. However you see best fit to deal with the problem.


Also, you mentioned that the developer's pc had the Cool 'N Quiet feature. Might he also be utilizing an AMD Athlon 64 series processor? I'd just like to know so I can begin ruling out hardware conflicts.

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Hi, I just thought you might like to know I have just built my first computer and have a AMD 64 3500 skt 939. I haven't uninstalled the nvidia firewall just left it off and don't have any problems with utorrent. Maybe you have to look elsewhere? Hope this helps. Regards chelsky. ps I have the A8N5X mobo

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