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Torrents were running fine, now turned red with no connections


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Global Max Connections: 80 (10x your upload speed)

Max connected peers per Torrent = 80

Max half open connections = 8 (even as few as 4 if it still seems "unstable")

Upload Slots = 3 (even with your very low upload speed, 3 is probably better than 2 here)

Max upload speed = 8 KB/sec

Max download you could leave at 90 KB/sec or even try "unlimited" -- you won't get much uploaded to you (your download) if you're only uploading at 8 KB/sec to everyone combined.

Max torrents at once: 1 (yes, really...only 1!)

Even 2 at once means you're splitting the 8 KB/sec upload 6 different ways for less than 2 KB/sec each.

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My problem is exactly the same as JohnDave's. It says it's downloading, and sometimes it even has a blue download arrow, but the bar at the bottom is solidly Red.. But it just won't download. I don't think it's a problem with uTorrent because I'm downloading the Slackware that Ultima suggested, and that download is fine. (I'm trying to download an online book.) I've tried several different Torrent files of the same book, but none of them will download. Everything else seems to download fine. Can anyone please tell me what's wrong with it?

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Seems they weren't when you started this thread.

The settings changes I recommended not only help to keep your upload+download maxed, they also mean you're giving an acceptable upload speed PER upload slot while probably getting a good download speed in return.

Just like I'm reading in another thread, someone can have a "great" upload:download ratio on a private torrent site, but if their upload slots (or max torrents) are set too high...then other people downloading from them each see <0.3 KB/sec download speeds.

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