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Utorrent 1.6 and Nvidia Firewall


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Hi, im having the problem as described in the faq section 1.1 and just wanna know why i have the problem despite im using F-Secure (telia säker surf) as a firewall and not Nvidia. Also i cant find the Nvidia firewall so i cant uninstall it,i dont know much about computers so i would appreciate some advice :)

My Computer:

P4 3.0 GHz HT

Nvidia GeForce 6600GT 256MB

1024 MB

Windows XP Home

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I'm not sure if i have or not have a nforce chipset,i got a new graphic card becasue my old one was damaged and i dont know the details of the new one.I used the 1.5 version earlier and it worked fine even when i had F-Secure so why shouldn't the 1.6 version work be compatible with F-Secure?

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ok, i'll try that then,but i had no problem with it when using the 1.5 version

Merged double post(s):

im not sure how to configure the program in fsecure but i have it as it looks in the picture with everything allowed but with no known connections.


EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Double posting instead of editing is negligent and unnecessary.

EDIT:sorry about the double posting,i have disabled the F-Secure firewall and i'm using the xp firewall instead,i have erased utorrent in xp firewall and added it again.I dont want to uninstall f-secure completely because i have antivirus and anti spyware also within in the program.

EDIT:it seems to be working for now,no unusal memory usuage by the utorrent.exe yet.

EDIT: it looks like you we're right about f-secure being the bad boy in this situation,it didnt worked anyway with using the xp firewall so i disabled and closed the entire f-secure program and it worked:)

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Your router is a much better firewall by default than almost all software firewalls.

Once something reaches your computer, even if your firewall blocks it, they can sometimes "break in" via buffer overflows in the software firewall...or just Denial-of-Service attack you.

A router is like a moat, a software firewall is like a door. Which is going to do a better job to keep the barbarian hordes out of your castle?

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