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Simple Question w/ Hard 2 Find Answer!


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Hello folks! As a "tech-lite" kinda person who takes pride in always having been able to solve computery-ish issues by reading, learning, and trial & error efforts by digging in—I find myself frustrated at my inability to word my query correctly so that the answer will present itself via standard internet search endeavours. Thus here I am, to ask the experts in the field...

My question is: when a torrent is loaded/started (not sure of the proper term to use) does it claim and reserve the space it needs to completete itself from the available space on the hdd immediately, or does it just start and then run (download) until the hdd runs out of space?

When you start a torrent download, a box comes up showing the size of the download and how much diskspace you have—if you click to start the downaload and there is not enough diskspace it says "not enough space" as far as I can recall, but does it let you start the download anyway? I can't remember!!!

Here's my problem, I have a very small hdd on a laptop which I now use only for p2p and about a month ago I was downloading a (very old) large file of 26GB but after awhile the seeders were offline, I left it online for a few days but it seemed to be stalled so I shut the laptop off (to keep my housemates from putting anything on it). Today I turned it back on and there are a couple of peers, one sharing and my own 85% is providing files for someone—YAY!

Problem is, I can't for the life of me remember if I had cleared the full diskpace I needed for it before starting or if I went ahead against the "not enough space" warning intending to delete a bunch of stuff and programs to make room. There were only 2 files in the torrent a 4GB + a 26GB, I did set it to skip the 4GB, but when I check my C: drive it says I am down to barely 1GB left which I can't see being enough for the rest of the 26GB's downoad—unless the program put dibs on the space it was going to need from the get go...

I've never run a hdd out of room before... am I totally screwed now? This file has taken weeks downloading at about 100kb/s, yes kbs, as I've only 2 peers with it and one of them is getting it from me (the closer, faster peer as my upload speed to him is over twice that of my download speed). After dumping every personal file, doing a disk clean and unused file compression and deleting half a dozen programs I haven't used in forever I don't think I can make enough space available if it does need more than what is there....

Heck, this got way more wordy than planned—apologies to any kind reader's bleeding eyes!

I truly would appreciate any answer/assistance that could be shared :)


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In the settings you can "Allocate" the space ahead of time for the torrent. It's in the settings that you can do that. Otherwise you will need a larger drive in your laptop if your laptop doesn't have a 2nd slot to hold a Large 2.5 HDD to save onto. Worse if you don't move the laptop alot you have to change to Ext. USB larger HDD to store your downloads to. 

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