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Download speed issues


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Hi there

Just wondering if anyone here is in Australia and uses Tangerine Telecom for their broadband? I am only getting download speeds of a few kbs with any torrents I try. 

I have set up all the port forwarding in my router and am not seeing any changes to speeds.

Normal web downloads and speed tests show good speeds for my connection.

On a side note, my torrents downloaded at high speeds with a previous provider.

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That to means look like ISP throttle where they detect torrent usage and throttle your internet. So does your internet speeds speed up when your not using utorrent? If it does then that means that your ISP is detecting torrent usage and throttle the internet because of that. And it can be a change in provider they now have torrent Throttle when detected. Maybe your provider switch ISP and now the current ISP is throttling to stop torrent usage.

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