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Should I block people using "fake" clients


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Ive seen on one torrent site they are just banning utorrent 1.5 because I guess it's possible to cheat with that version or something? I dont know, but they recommended people to upgrade to 1.6 if they still want to use utorrent.

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Why kill bitcomet? It seems like a nice friendly client with things to share. I did run across a link that stated that it tended to do things like hit trackers very hard, show favoritism to other comet users and had some sort of bug thing. The reply was that allegedly the new version doesn't do any of these things. Is there another reason to avoid bitcomet?

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fake clients? Please to expand on this. What are they and why would someone use such a thing?

EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Double posting instead of editing is negligent and unnecessary.

REPLY by Tinfoil Hatter: They were two different questions, so since I thought it likely that someone would want to reply to only one. As such I thought it might be more convenient to separate them. Unnecessary I will take, but I question negligent. It was done deliberately, and seemed fairly harmless to me. If that is not how it is done here I will of course refrain however

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my opinion;

if you have more then a handfull of azureus or µT clients you can upload to I would kill those [fake]s and BitComets on sight!

Nope because there's lots of Azureus leecher mods. And I would not ban BitComet in 81.226.xx or 213.112-114 range Swedish fast lines (damn n00b :P )

in that case where µT is banned on private tracker this private tracker is not worth to be member of.

Actually there is sort of it has to do with the easiness of "cheating" a private tracker. That's real easy with uTorrent and Azureus, but not with ol' BitTornado (OK for the real techies ol' BitTornado should be easy to)

My quote:

I rather ban all Germans on uTorrent (or insert x client) than all Swedes on BitComet (or insert x client)

The fanboyism :rolleyes:;)

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