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Can't find the BTT/Speed feature in uTorrent Desktop (3.5.5)


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Been using uTorrent for years and recently found out about BTT/crypto etc.  However, I could not see the "speed"/BTT tab in the menu, (on left).  The only info I could find, indicated that I needed to reinstall with the latest version.  Which I did a few weeks ago, but the option is still not available in the menu on the left of the uTorrent desktop software.

In the menu I can see the following:
-Trending Videos
-Upgrade to Pro
-Torrents (with [+] sign to expand more options)
-Labels (with [+] sign to expand more options)

But no option for BTT ??  I tried re-installing twice, including a clean install, but the tab/option still doesn't appear??  Is anyone able to help?


Nicholas Peyton

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ive got the same issue, on my main pc it works just fine but on my dedicated system it doesnt show up at all. does anyone have any ideas?



i actually just got it working!! i had to pause all torrents then quit the app from the tray, disable my vpn (and default the bound ip's in utorrents advanced setting.) then launch utorrent again and it came up after a second or two.

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