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My download keeps dropping...what do I do?


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That means ISP Throttle...you either have to get a good VPN or use Proxy so they won't throttle your torrent usage. When your ISP software detect torrent traffic it Throttles your internet until you stop using torrent activity. There's not much you can do here-before they sent out emails warning if further torrent usage your internet ISP subscription would be cancelled because of this. But now they just Throttle your internet until you stop using torrent software.

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VPN while torrent or while downloading is a worst idea. I think it boils down to your ISP, u didn't mention which country u r from. Maybe u r from Africa with 1 Mbps (Megabits) and not 1 MBPS(MegaByte). There is a lot of difference between a bit and byte. If u know how to calculate the data size. I don't think it can be helped, nothing helps while torrenting, except the number of seeders and really try it out at night time, when the Internet traffic is less. U could notice a tad faster downloading process is going on then during day.

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