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Tracker respone parsing (or: How standard is uTorrent?)


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First: This is the best client I've ever used. (I didn't try Azureus yet... ^^)

If this post is misplaced please move me :)

I've progged a little PHP tracker (using MySQL) and it works fine (after approx. 4h to 5h coding) with uTorrent. But i've tried some other clients:

uTorrent (as said) => no problems

BitComet => no problems

Mainline (not the newest version) => continues to generate new peer_id's but works correctly

Some strange client I don't know the name of => says the trackers response is bad

I used these descriptions of the BitTorrent-protocol:

1 http://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification which is atm offline

2 http://www.bittorrent.org/protocol.html

The response of my tracker is a normal HTTP 200 Response with various headers and a "Content-Type" of "text/plain" (see URL 1) containig the bencoded dictionary with the following keys:




"min interval"

"peers" which has the keys

=> "ip"

=> "peer id"

=> "port"

[optional: "warning message"]

So my question is:

If uTorrent has no problems and the Mainline hasn't either can I claim my tracker to be "standard"?


Can someone tell me how a "normal" tracker response looks like?



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