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s l o w seeding speed with uTorrent


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I really want to make the switch to uTorrent. I can't justify it, though, b/c of its seeding performance compared to other clients I've used.


Running Windows XP, uTorrent 1.6, port forwarding is working, and my connection's measured speed is about 2800/420.

I (initially) seed 1-2 torrents per week, (size 800MB-1GB). Other clients ramp right up 40-50kB/s, even when there are only 1-3 leeches. uTorrent seems stuck at around 10kB/s . . . when it's decided to seed. More often than not, it sits at 0, stalled. I've tried switching from (say) Azureus to uTorrent once it gets going (i.e. ~50 leeches), and uTorrent performs better. But still not up to par compared to others. It still reaches lower u/l speeds and does a poorer job maintaining them. I've already ignored my sense of what works (from about a year's experience of regular seeding) and simply followed uTorrent's "speed guide" settings. But it hasn't helped.

What gives? Any ides what could be the issue?

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Heh, I'm not a pro w/computers. I'm not sure what peer.lazy_bitfield is, or where it could be found!

I've never learned much in the way of technical details b/c I've never had any need to before this. This is the first client I've tried that hasn't performed as expected after a few minutes' basic setup.

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I'm trying it right now. Connected to 6 leeches (10 in all), 4 of which are incoming. My upload speeds starts at about 30kB, quickly trickles down to nothing. Stalls for several seconds, then jumps back to 30 or so kB. And repeats. Avg. u/l speed (from the 'General' tab) is a meager 4.5

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(current settings)

upload limit: 29kB/s

upload slots: 8

connections per torrent: 50

connections (global): 300

max active: 4

max active d/l: 3

In addition, I've installed the eventid4226 patch from the lvlord.de site (referenced in the mini speed guide thread) and rebooted.

Following MaV's script (also referenced on the mini-guide thread), I went into advanced options and changed net.max_halfopen to 192.

It's still acting as if it's throttled, ramping quickly up to 30 kB/s, then steadily declining back to 0.

It can't be that, though. I turned off uTorrent and restarted to seed my torrent in burst! (w/Shadow core), and it's maintained 28-30kB/s for more than half an hour (and counting).

I shouldn't despair, I guess, b/c that's another low footprint option right there. uTorrent just looks so much more promising :( (as feature-rich as azureus, minus all the fat)

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cmm, you need to reduce your upload slots.

If you had 4 torrents going at once, your total upload slots could hit 32.

So with your max upload speed of 29 KB/sec that meant you were giving out less than 1 KB/sec per person (which is what the upload slots represent).

At such slow upload speeds per upload slot, almost nobody would upload quickly back to you. Seeds only would if they had few others to upload to.

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