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?meanings of panel columns, numbers, and what happens if I...


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1. For torrents I created, once some of the leechers have become seeds, is that the number in parentheses in the seed column in my torrent panel?

2. What does the zero mean when it appears outside of the parentheses…that I (the original seeder) am not connected to any of the seeds?

3. If I pause my seeding when there is a positive number in the seed column parentheses, how will this affect the leechers in the swarm?

4. When I pause seeding, why do the numbers still change in the peers column in the general torrent panel—shouldn't the number outside the parentheses be zero because I am not connected to them by pausing?

5. In the torrent specifics panel, what's the difference between the downloaded and peer dl. columns in the specific torrent panel?

One way I have tried to help my created torrents seed at higher rates from me is to pause my torrents that look like they already have at least one seed...the bandwidth allocation level doesn't seem to make much difference...

I seem to be having problems because I am a bit beyond noob, but not a tech, so the FAQs usually don't apply to me, but the technical explanations for many things still "part my hair."

I am enrolling as a Computer Electronics Networking student this fall, but please recommend online articles or publications that specialize in data transfer that might be instructive for my advanced noob level.;)

I think I like utorrent so far!


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1) the number in the parentheses are the peers that you know of, or "see" as I think of it.

2) being a seeder yourself, you don't connect to any seeds. They have nothing of value to you, and you them.

3) One less seed to get data from...

4) Pausing is different than stopping, you are still connected to the peers.

5) I don't have µTorrent here, I'd have to check.

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Seeds displays the number of seeds you are connected to, and the number of seeds in the swarm in the parentheses. The number in the swarm is collected from the tracker and other methods of exchanging peers, such as DHT or Peer Exchange.

5) Downloaded is how much you downloaded from the peer... Peer dl. is how fast the peer is downloading (approximately, based on have message).

Edit: Meh I must be really slow at posting today =o

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Other responders I will correspond further along in this message.

Silverfire, thank you for your prompt reply. Because you apparently are quite familiar with the FAQs, here are their topics and perhaps for the benefit of any other inquirers browsing this thread you would be so kind as to point to the specific FAQ topics that would address my original questions?:

[entire table of of contents of the FAQ removed by moderator]

Determination, thank you. I understand that if I pause that will be one less seeder from which peers receive data, but how long would it take them to "connect" to a different seed in the swarm? Do peers receive data from a number of seeds in a sort of parallel fashion? Please point me to FAQs or lay term explanations of how trackers and clients work.

Your answers to most of my questions were quite helpful. So then, the number in the parentheses in the seed column is my monitor for another seeds besides myself. You did surprise me when you wrote: "I don't have µTorrent here, I'd have to check."

Ultima, thank you. If you don't mind, was there any reference I missed in seeking an answer to my question number five?

Thank you for clarifying that the number in the swarm is collected from the tracker, DHT, PE--that is helping me see where the client ends and the tracker etc begins!

At this point it seems I need some articles about how trackers, torrent clients, DHT, PE, etc interact.

Cheers all.

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