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Trackerless DHT handshake with BitComet 0.70


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* BitComet 0.70 client hosts a announce-less/trackerless torrent

* µTorrent 1.6 (utorrent-1.5.1-beta-build-460.exe) starts same torrent file

µT finds the BC and starts handshake, sends interested.

Then pause - nothing more seem to happen - keepalives are sent and some are received .. ad infinitum.

DHT/trackerless observations:

Serving from µT and leeching on BC works fine for same torrent file.

Torrent file was made on BC and includes nodes= section.

Torrent files which ware generated on µT trackerless (no announce, and no nodes= sections) also leech fine on BC.

So, seemingly there is some problem in the handshake progress between BC and µT when BC serves via DHT.

I don't know if the problem pertains to BC only, µT only or both.

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