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Is the amount of dl/ul settings file more important that an IP address?


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I hope u understood the question. I'll rephrase that, say i have: (a): static and not dynamic IP address and it provides me with bandwidth. Is that static address more important than the total number of Downloads/Upload or the Ratio settings that show above the Help/About button.


Because if yes then, the settings file is of no use because it depended on the IP address, which some home users do not use static address. It keeps on changing due to change of the availability of Internet (Clearly i don't understand that much).

If, No! That means the utorrent settings that i had collected, when i was using! Say, Win xp is still good to be used in Win 7,8,10 and 11. Yes. Because setting files cannot be tweaks by some program:  But! By the program "utorrent" itself! Which calculates the dl/up ratio and keeps itself usable only by that program "utorrent'. Yes, i just need a confirmation, so that even i can seed, and collect or increase my ratio, so the settings files are good to be used in future pc too. The reason is not to get good speed but just to stand by that "understanding of torrenting".

Awaiting reply.



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We need to see the screenshot of the download settings for kb your settings are to know what settings are being used. That way others can verify with older utorrent version to see what settings they have. Stats won't tell much as seeing what your settings are.

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