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No peers to seed to


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Right now I have [specifics removed] that I finally got a full copy of, after about 14 hours. The problem is, there haven't been any peers (6) online, so I can reseed them. One is at 1.070, but the other two are .297 and .970. I only dl [specifics removed], that are usually more popular than this one, so seeding them to 200% hasn't been an issue, and I felt like a fair return to the community. After that I usually remove and delete the torrent and data because I have no need to save them (and a smaller Hard Drive.)

I don't want to be considered a leecher or banned from the service, because I am so happy to have found it! After a week or so of trying to reseed something, is it ok to delete it? If I seed something popular say 3 times over to make up, is that satisfactory, or not? Just a little bit confussed here..lol.

Thanks in advance!

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