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beginnings and ends of files missing suddenly when download near finis


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ok i had a look through the forum and couldn't find a topic about my problem.

so, over the past month i've been dowloading a torrent. i was all happy yesterday because there was 4 hours to go and i though by morning it would be done.

i come along and suddenly it's saying 30% of the files are still incomplete. that's like, going backwards from where i left it the night before, which was saying it was at around 85% complete.

interestingly enough, it shows all the files that are incomplete as having their beginnings and ends missing, the line is all solid in the middle. it certainly wasn't like this before.

so it's like somethings gone through and eaten all my files!

wondering what to do.

i'm running windows xp sp2, i have an adsl2+ connection... using upnp. what else do i need to say? it was downloading at about 45k/s from around 20 peers when i left it before going to sleep.

should i just let it download the extra bits of the files all over again? or is there a way for utorrent to examine the files and update itself? i tried uninstalling utorrent and reinstalling, to no avail.

or have my files truly been eaten?

pardon my n008ness.

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thanks for your advice. i didn't know about forcing a recheck. i did that, but it still thinks all the files are incomplete.

that's really infuriating... i can only conclude that something has corrupted the files.

i suspect that some sort of issue happened over night, as when i came back to check in the morning, utorrent was not appearing in the task tray, nor on the taskbar. so i thought it must have somehow closed itself. so i started it again from the start menu and yeah when i had a look all the files were corrupted.

i also noticed that my internet gateway connection had failed, and nothing had been downloaded for the past roughly 7 hours.

so something somewhere in there majorly stuffed up.

on a side note i have a netcomm nb5plus4w adsl2+ capable router. i know there is a separate topic on which router is best for utorrent, but i know that i have a lot of trouble getting utorrent to map the upnp port when it starts up. it usually does it after 5-10 minutes. don't know why that happens and randomly selecting a new port has no effect. just thought that might be relevant here somehow...

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