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How Long It Takes You To Download 350MB & 1GB?


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Can someone please enlighten me. I THINK I've slow download because it took me days to finish downloading, but I'm not sure how slow is considered slow, or whether it's considered fast. How long will it take you to download 350MB? How about 1GB? Let's say you've 2 seeds, 20 peers, & no leeches.

Today, I'was downloading 350MB, my downloading speed didn't go to the max setup speed, it was downloading between 4kB-22kB, mostly at 6kB-8kB. But my uploading speed will go to the max setup speed. After 8 hours, it downloaded 30% of 350MB, is it considered fast/slow?

Before, I downloaded [specifics removed] with full HEALTHY life status but my download/upload speed was the same, what's the point of rating the torrents with more seeds/peers/no leeches when my speed was the same? So, is there problems with my setting for uTorrent? [specifics removed] was around 750MB, took 5 days (8 hours per day) to download.

I read that we could sign up with more torrents websites & we'll get faster download speed as we get our memberships promoted, the higher you get promoted the higher speed you'll get. Is this true?

My setting for uTorrent was posted at Troubleshooting --> uTorrent Crashed, Programmes Was Slow When uTorrent. I'll just paste it below. The above download was using another PC, router, & no problem with uTorrent, so it's different from the below.


Someone please help me. I'm having these 2 problems:-

1. My uTorrent always crash when downloading.

2. Opening programmes, browsing, etc became extremely slow (sometimes hang) when uTorrent is downloading.

I'm using the latest version of uTorrent.

The net.max_halfopen in ADVANCED was set to 45.

For tcpip.sys, the current max concurrent half-open connections was set to 50.

I also downloaded TCPOptimizer.exe, set the connection speed to 512kbps.

For Network Adapter Selection, there were:

IEEE 802.11b Wireless MiniPCI Card 7007,

Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC,

1394 Net Adapter,

Microsoft TV/Video Connection.

The 1st one was selected.

I off my Windows Firewall & Norton Antivirus.

I've done PORT FORWARDING, 63606 for my IP:, I had the green icon in the status bar of uTorrent.

I unchecked all in the CONNECTION-->LISTENING PORT.

Checking/unchecking all in BITTORRENT-->ADDITIONAL BITTORRENT FEATURES made no difference.


The connection speed for the broadband which I signed up with my ISP is 512kbps for download & 256kbps for upload. I tested the connection speed before & after I downloaded/set the tcpip.sys & TCPOptimizer, rebooted. Before were 63.48kB (507.84kbps) for download & 30.63kB (245.04kbps) for upload. After were 66.89kB (535.12kbps) for download & 32kB (245.04kbps) for upload. As I'm using wireless, my connection speed stated 11Mbps.

Base on the above, I set uTorrent as followings:-







I'm using a laptop, NEC, Intel Pentium M Processor 1.80GHz, 448MB RAM, MS Windows XP Version 2002 Service Pack 2, HDD Used Space: 22.5GB, HDD Free Spare: 51.9GB.

As for the router, I'm using D-Link DSL G604T. I'm not sure whether if it's the installation/setting for tcpip.sys or the TCPOptimizer which cause my router changed/deleted some of its setting. I discovered it only when later I can't browse the internet although uTorrent was downloading with good connection (excluding constantly crash).

So, I just went to the browser with the IP: & create another PORT FORWARD. As the port for uTorrent was 63606, I just set this port from 10000 to 60000 (actually, I didn't even know what I was doing, whether I was right/wrong, but at least can browse now).

Anyway, nothing wrong with the torrents I downloaded as it works with another PC.

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Wireless connections cannot handle the high connection loads that wired 10/100/1000 mbps ethernet connections can.

...your settings were actually excessive for 1 gigabit internet connections!

You need to:

1.reduce the half-open connections back to default of 8.

2.reduce global max connections to 100

3.reduce upload slots per torrent to the default of 4

4.reduce max active torrents to 4.

5.reduce max active downloading torrents to only 3.

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This morning, my laptop runs as usual, easily accessing programmes or browsing when uTorrent was downloading. I changed the setting Switeck mentioned, but uTorrent crashed again, the 1st error was 474-utorrent.c750.dmp. I'll try with wired connection & see.

Also, I searched what 'DMA mode' is, & I followed the instruction. There're 5 lists:-

1) Primary IDE Channel, the DEVICE TYPE stated 'Auto Detection', TRANSFER MODE was 'DMA if available', & CURRENT TRANSFER MODE IS 'Ultra Mode 5'.

2) Ricoh Memory Stick Bus Host Adapter - I don't see the word 'DMA', there's no selection for it.

3) Ricoh xD-Picture Card Controller - same as no.2.

4) Secondary IDE Channel - same as no.1.

5) Standar Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller - same as no.2.

So, in that case, I think I'm in DMA mode. I'm not sure if my hard drive got problem because I can do all things as usual, the only problem I got was with uTorrent. If uTorrent crashed is an indication of hard drive's problem, I'll do a check/recovery first, then try again with wireless & wired connection.

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Thanks all for helping. I check for error on my hard drive, no problem detected, or can't detect which I'm not sure. I had done wired connection, downloading lasted longer before it crashed, again & again. Followed Switeck's setting, still crash.

Ultima, I had done the tcpip.sys patch, disabled DHT/UPnP, off firewall, lowered GLOBAL MAX NO. OF CONNECTION to 50, net.max_halfopen changed to 4. The only thing is I don't know how to connect directly to the modem with my D-Link DSL-G604T because it comes with router, I'll do a search & see how.

There must be something wrong with my laptop, I'm sure, because I had downloaded uTorrent to my sis' desktop PC, it runs so well, it means I've 2 uTorrents running at 2 desktop PC, no problem at all (of course I can't be sure if the speed is considered normal). I had been using a P2P software on my laptop to download stuff before, it was & is running ok. How do I check if uTorrent is compatible with my laptop? Is there such thing? What else can I check? I want the uTorrent in my laptop because I'm using this laptop.

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I patched the tcpip.sys from the beginning when I downloaded uTorrent. I stated that in my 1st posting where it was set at 50, but later changed to 10 again since Switeck asked to set the net.max_halfopen back to default 8 (initially also changed to 45). I had also downloaded the TCPOpimizer together when I downloaded the uTorrent.

I'll check the FAQ. Yesterday, the PC was pretty fast when downloading the 350MB at night, 45kB/sec! Now morning, downloading at 8kB... But I didn't patch tcpip.sys to this PC & didn't download the TCPOptimizer, will it helps to speed the download faster if I download them?

As the torrent I'm using to download stuff has 20 x 350MB, I was downloading 3 x 350MB at a time, & set 1 of the 350MB to High Priority. This 350MB has fully downloaded, how do I know it's seeding because I cannot see that in the torrent because it shows the info for the 3 x 350MB altogether. I can only see that 1 of the 350MB was 100% downloaded & the mode is 'read' in the FILES.

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I read that we could sign up with more torrents websites & we'll get faster download speed as we get our memberships promoted, the higher you get promoted the higher speed you'll get. Is this true?

I just realized you wrote this... what membership do you speak of? Did you pay for some membership to get µTorrent?

And about the TCPIP.sys, that still doesn't answer my question as to when you patched TCPIP.sys.

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The tcpip.sys was downloaded within the last 1 week, I think maybe Wed/Thur, together with TCPOptimizer & uTorrent. These were downloaded to my laptop. Now, I'm actually using my sis' PC where there's only uTorrent, no tcpip.sys & TCPOptimizer, & I finished downloaded the 3 x 350MB, now downloading another 3 x 350MB which are 60%, 18%, 15% now, the 60% one was set to HIGHEST PRIORITY.

No, I didn't pay for anything to get uTorrent. Some torrents' websites require you to sign up as a member before you can download any torrent, some don't require you to sign up at all & you can just download the torrent. I read somewhere that if you sign up as member & do the download, you get special privilege as you get promoted (newbie, intermediate, etc) in time, the privilege is faster download speed. It pointed out some private torrent websites where you can only become member through invitation, then some public website which I guess most of us are accessing.

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As the torrent which I downloaded has 20 files with equal 350MB each, I download 3 files at a time & set 1 to HIGH PRIORITY. The file which on HIGH PRIORITY downloaded more than 50% faster than the other 2, usually when the one on HIGH PRIORITY is 100%, the other 2 files are still 20-30% downloaded. And I'm not sure if I'm seeding after I got the file 100% downloaded as this file came from the same torrent where the balance of 19 files have not finished downloading, but I can see it's in 'read' mode in the FILES tab, & I'm not sure it'll affect the download speed.

I downloaded your torrent & tested, it's downloading at 50KB/sec (average is 35KB/sec), only after I stopped downloading other torrents, but the fully downloaded files from the other torrents are still inside the uTorrent & are in 'read' mode in FILES tab. If I'm downloading with other torrents, your torrent is downloading at 6-8KB/sec. How do some people managed to get more than 100KB/sec?

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When you test your connection speed (don't use the connection at all while running the test), what speed did it say you have? The 11mbps you saw was only your LAN connection speed, which I'm assuming is a wireless 802.11b connection.

People can download faster because (1) their internet connection can handle it, and (2) they have everything set up properly.

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No, I can't use uTorrent on my laptop, so I'm not on a wireless connection. I'm using my sis' PC which is a wired connection. For the PC, the LAN is at 100Mbps on D-Link DFE-528TX PCI Adapter. The speed connection through the same router (D-Link DSL G604T) on wired connection on that PC is 614.4Kbps (the ISP's technician set it for us), although we only signed up for 512Kbps download & 256Kbps upload with our ISP. Running on local (Malaysia) speed test, the results came out as 268.72Kbps download & 255.92Kbps upload. Running speed test on oversea's (US) website, the results always came out very much lower, 25Kbps download & 167Kbps upload. I exited all running progammes (inculding uTorrent & webpages) before running the speed test.

What internet connection should I have in order to get more than 100KB/sec download? I had tried different settings suggested from different websites including here, so far no luck.

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spork985, I ran a speed test on your link provided, the results are 43.9kbps download & 169.8 upload, almost the same kind of results I get when I use oversea's test. For local test, sometimes I get 535Kbps download & 245Kbps upload. Although there's a big difference between the local & oversea's test results, it seems the upload speed for both local & oversea are very much the same on its own for each test, whereas the download always vary a lot.

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Most cable trunk lines here have even 100 Mbit FDDI lines back to the ISP...and with fewer than 100 cablemodems on 1 trunk line.

Even DSL has sharing issues once they reach back to the ISP. From there, they usually share a much bigger and faster internet line through some sort of gateway. But it may be 20+ DSL lines connecting through 1 T-3/OC-3 (45 Mbps up and down) line.

DSL and Cable really only decides HOW you connect to the ISP -- how you connect to the internet from there can be equally bad on DSL or cable. Cable just has the extra bottleneck of being shared before getting to the ISP.

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OK, I guess I really can't improve the speed because I've 512kbps download speed signed up with my ISP. And I read somewhere that I've to use that to divide by 8 & get the maximum download rate which is 64KB/sec. Anyway, I can't even get 64KB/sec even I'm the only one accessing the internet at home & not running any programme other than uTorrent, the max I got was 45KB but most of the time is very much lower, maybe there're many other factors which can't be determined. So, I'll just leave it as it is until I change my connection speed with my ISP & see what I'll get. But I'm worry as I also read some people with high download kbps from ISP also get very low download rate.

I'm using DSL, can go wireless or wired connection.

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