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SKY Broadband


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Since switching to sky broadband my utorrent fails to seed back. i sometimes get the green tick in the bottom right hand corner but even then if i run the connection check it states port is not open.

Running utorrent 2.2.1

port forward is set OK

tried via VPN and without VPN

Disabled Windows Firewall and all AV software 

stuck for now any ideas to check would be appreciated 



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Its most probably because Sky Broadband is using a CG-NAT. You might think your ports are open but they only open out to your ISP NAT where they are not. You will need a public IP address, perhaps Sky Broadband will let you opt out of CG-NAT if you call and ask (some providers do, just mention you need port forwarding). If not free, then most providers will also let you purchase a public Static IP address for a fee. 

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