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Newbie help required


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I just got hooked up with a good broadband connection and have been waiting a long time to get in to the downloading scene. I chose Utorrent as my client on recomendations from friends and have been actively trying to download the entire internet :-)


I just got an email from my ISP that starts:

Dear Sir or Madam:

BayTSP, Inc. ("BayTSP") swears under penalty of perjury that Paramount

Pictures Corporation ("Paramount") has authorized BayTSP to act as its

non-exclusive agent for copyright infringement notification. BayTSP's

search of the protocol listed below has detected infringements of

Paramount's copyright interests on your IP addresses as detailed in the

attached report.

I am sure you might of seen this before, is it anything to worry about? How can I avoid getting one of these emails again? software?

I am on a 1.5/256 connection and am getting average speeds around 100KB's down but up to 150-160 when it peaks, how does this compare to you guys?

Loads more questions but that will do for starters, over to you guys.

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I've never seen that, because I don't download movies. You can usually avoid such messages by doing the same and not downloading them, but who knows, the RIAA/MPAA might target you anyway -.-

Your speeds are fine for the connection you have. I have a 5000/384 connection, so I can go up to 600KiB/s if I jump on the right torrent.

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No...? Encryption doesn't hide the fact that you're on the swarm, or what you're downloading. It only hides the traffic "signature" from your ISP. The people actively looking for your IP are either connected to the swarm and see your IP, or they took a tracker down and looked at the logs, then they contact your ISP.

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