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Intorrably slow speeds.


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I'm currently running a D-Link DI-624 Router w/ a D-Link DWL-G520 Wireless network card.

Don't tell my D-Links suck, casue I don't have the money right now to go out and buy another router.

We Just had a DI-624 Rev. C, but it died, and it handled my torrents fine.

Our new one, Rev. E, seems to be horrible.

We bought a Linksys before this 624 Rev. E, and it had such horrible packet handling that all other computers on the network couldn't access the internet when I had utorrent open.

Right now, I am running in DMZ, on my static IP, and my firewall is disabled. On a torrent with 44, and rising, connections, to my computer, I am downloading at 6.4 kB/s (now its 3.2 kB/s) and uploading at about 4 kB/s.

My uTorrent settings are:

Port: 316 (uTorrent says its open)

UPnP disabled

DHT disabled

Max upload: 53

Max Download: 298

Max Connections: 200

Max peers/torrent: 520

Max Upload Slots/torrent: 13

max halfopen: 8

Little thing in status bar is check in green circle. heh.. don't know a better way to describe that :P

Currently the same torrent mentioned above is at 3.1 kB/s down 1.2 kB/s up, with 40 peers and 7 seeds, with some Peer DL's at 80 kB/s

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my torrents to download fast again?

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Protocl Encryption has been enabled.

Ran speed guide...(but for some reason my internet is being unusually slow even with uTorrent closed)

the ubuntu torrent was up to 50 kB/s, then dropped to 11

the other 2 im trying to download (that each have many many seeds and peers ) are still going very slow.

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