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"wss://tracker.btorrent.xyz" wtf is this?


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After the last update to 46590, my uT is completely broken because the above listed tracker has been added to every one of the 6350 torrents I'm currently seeding.  I have no activity at all, can't upload or download.  This kind of BS is why Malwarebytes always redflags the app/program.  The bogus tracker can't be removed.  Looks like it might try to be some ransomware crap.  And uT is DIRECTLY responsible for this.  Why why why?

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On 12/4/2022 at 7:19 AM, rafi said:

If so, just revert back to 3.5.5 (replace the exe ) . wss: is for the new support added for the WebRTC protocol

IMHO: This was a really bad decision, at minimum, you should have made sure that it didn't add it to private torrents, which immediately breaks them since it cannot be removed, and forcing a downgrade to 3.5.5 to fix it just seems backwards. 

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On 1/1/2024 at 8:24 PM, Papant said:

Adding wstracker.online somehow can be disabled?

Use utorrent without internet connection or ban amazonws.com & bench.utorrent.com ip ranges. )

ps. Why only wstracker.online?, utorrent can add litetracker.world or tracker.btorrent.xyz . All wss trackers not work now for me - TCP connection failed in torrent status.

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