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Running μTorrent using command line


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As part of a batch automation I'm trying to run utorrent using the command line.  

I've tried running "c:\Users\*USER*\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\utorrent.exe", but this tried to open an older version of the app and asks for an update.

Then I went into Task Manager and opened File Location for the EXE file which was running, which took me to "c:\Users\*USER*\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\updates\3.5.5_46206.exe". If I run this, utorrent opens fine, but the problem is that the command line hangs after running the app, so I have to manually close the App. In addition, I would need to change the BAT file every time there is a version update.


Is anyone able to point me to a sure-fire way of creating a shortcut to utorrent which will always open the latest version?

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The START command in Windows Command Prompt is used to fork processes. Open a command prompt type START /? for usage information.
Basic example would be: start notepad

utorrent.exe without version should be the latest, can you try opening it and then Help -> Check for new version. 

FYI there is an environment variable that you can use to make your path more generic, on command prompt: echo %APPDATA%

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