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The System Cannot Find The File Specified!!!


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Hi people! i hope 1 of you can help me! i have been downloading torrents for nearly a year without a problem! but recently i bin getting a message when i try to download saying " THE SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE FILE SPECIFIED!!! sometimes its ok like earlier i downloaded an album then 2 mins later and for the rest of the nite i got that message. thanks for the help guys.

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This happend to me tooooo today!

Never happend before.

I'm using 1.6, build 474.


That path is no more than like 80 chars, and it has NEVER been any problem with this before.

My guess is that it is www.swebits.org, that send torrents with something wrong inside them.

Swebits was down since Saturday, and is just up now Wednesday again, so it's is possible that "neilspk", who first wrote about this, also is using Swebits.

The torrent:


from ThePirateBay, is working just fine, and is longer than the one above.


And now i've found out how to fix it; it's just to save the Torrent somewhere, and then use >>File>AddTorrent, and it works like normal.

So the problem IS with Swebits.

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I ran into the same problem myself and have to admit it baffled me for a while. without any warning, everytime i clicked on a torrent link I would get an error stating that the system could not find the file specified.

The generic reason for this is that the file never gets downloaded. It fails, so when utorrent comes to load it, suprise surprise it isnt there.

In my case the issue was too many temporary files. Internet exploder and other browsers have a tendency to chuck files all over the place, and unless you clean the temp directories out regularly they fill up with crap.

To fix this, what you need to do is clear out your temporary folders.

in my case simply telling exploder to delete all temporary files was enough.

hope this helps


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I had the same problem.

If you are using Opera and that it is supposed to open utorrent and load the torrent you just clicked in the browser:

- Go to tools > preferences > tab advanced > downloads

- Double click on the torrent file extension entry in the list to edit it

- If you specified utorrent as the default application for .torrent, check the box "open with default application" OTHERWISE check "open with other application" and enter the path similar to this: "C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" "%s"




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