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Port forward failure


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I changed ISP and added a router, before that I used to get the green light.

1) I get a red light.

2) DSL 1024 kbps download & 256 kbps upload

3) Win XP Home SP2, router 3Com 3CRWE554G72TU (firmware 2.01.10)

4) Kerio 4.3.246 and the router's firewall.

5) I think that I've portforwarded correctly following advise from www.portforward.com (static IPs, virtual server...).

6) I don't think that my ISP is blocking P2P, it's a small company outside US but IS THERE ANY WAY TO REALLY FIND OUT?

7) I've tried to disable Kerio, disable UPnP and to use encryption.

8) Utorrent was already added to the Kerio exceptions before changing ISP and adding a router so I shouldn't have to change that.

Thank you,

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Error: I could not see your service on XXX on port (16028)

Reason: Connection timed out

It's the ISP. Now I'm sure. Using an OpenOffice torrent I get 100% speed (with yellow light).

I'll add the ISP to the beloved list.

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The point is that ports are allowed/disallowed before the connection is sent out wirelessly from the provider's connections, so you have no real control over port forwarding. As you said, VPN probably works, but that's because you're basically tunneling through the VPN.

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