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best way to tweak settings to get the highest speed with4Mb/384Kb net?


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hi everyone,

i just wanted to ask you why, even if i have a 512KB/s (4Mb/s) connection, i cannot get the top speed of it but i reach usually about 120-150KB/s. although i am pretty satisfied of it, i just cannot understand why i reach about 480KB/s speed just when i found those who seed me with 100KB/s or even more.

my upload speed is around 48KB/s (384Kb/s), so according to the wizard i should give 35KB/s to upload. the fact is that trying to change the upload speed between 5KB/s and 35KB/s, i've found that i reach top speeds when i choose 10KB/s as the upload speed. i'd like to understand why is that, i assure you that if i increase it the download speed decreases.

i also would like to ask why on http://ut-settings.go.pl/ the advised speed settings change.

having a 4Mb-384Kb/s connection, what do you think are the BEST settings for me to reach the higher download speed possible? there must be someone out there who has my same speed connection and reaches high speed downloads ;-)

is there a very fast torrent so that i can check my top speed?

now my settings are:

total connections: 384

total peers per torrent: 48

upload slots: 2

upload speed: 10KB/s

i assure you that with these settings it seems that i get the higher download speed.

does any of you know of a better way to tweak these settings?

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thanks for the reply, but just after i selected those settings my speed decreased to 30KB/s and compared with the 120-150 average of the other settings i must keep them..i really wonder why, now i have changed them again and it's fast again.

and also, with that torrent i get a tracker error (maybe it's temporary) and i cannot even download it.

anyway everything looks fine with the present settings, i just wonder why the speed doesnt increase and if i put the 'right' settings it just decreases a lot.

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sorry for the late reply but it was night here so i got some sleep.

i had just patched the tcpip.sys, so after rebooting the system i could download that file.

the speed was about 200KB/s with any settings, i guess it's because whatever my upload speed is, i'm not seeding much because everyone has already got the 100% of the file.

it seems like whatever i do, if while i download the upload speed is over 10KB/s my download slows down.

with 10KB/s upload speed i average 100KB/s of download with 1/1 seed and 7/14 peers, which i think it's not bad.

i think that there are far too many variables to identify the best download speed, and it can probably change completely depending on how many seeds/peers there are. the best probably would be to try a torrent where there are not just a lot of seeds, but also a lot of people who are downloading it at the same time, so one can tweak the settings according to the upload speed.

if just by downloading openoffice, the upload speed is almost 0 so it's hard to change settings.

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ok i could download it in 5'25" at 475KB/s top speed and 345KB/s average, which is really great ;-) WOW

but for example now that i'm downloading something else, why in the list of IPs there are 52 IP numbers and i'm downloading just from 14 or 15? The present speed is just around 30KB/s.

oh yes and i'm using the utstar r300r2u which never caused me any problem.

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yeah i guess you're right, but for example now i downloaded the same torrent with these settings:

upload limit: 10

slots upload: 3

connections per torrent: 70

total connections: 350

max torrents: 5

max downloads: 5

result: 4'55", so as i said the proper settings should be changed by checking the speed with less seeded torrents, because in less seeded torrents if i keep the upload speed at 10KB/s my downloads are much faster than 30KB/s (they reach 100KB/s) and i can even have 3-4 downloads running at the same time.

well for the moment rather than following the configuration wizard it's better to try and try again to change settings one value at a time to match the fastest speed. or maybe it's better just being satisfied when the speed is acceptable even if not at top levels ;-)

i think the speed issue is the only feature that needs to be improved. although having the 'green light' already sounds like 'being in heaven', the next problem is to reach the maximum speed allowed by the connection.

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