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Upload does strange!


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I have been using uTorrent for 2 days now and I allready have a problem ( might be because I don't know anything of it so if it's a stupid question then im sorry )Now my problem is i started to download a file of 13, 3 mb , it all went well on the start but the % got stuck on 91,9 % my downloadspeed stood between 0.0 kb/s till 0.3kb/s but my upload went just well (100 kb/s ) so uploading went on and when it came on 13, 3mb I thought the file was done but it won't stop uploading!! It says that 16,7 mb has been uploaded while the file is 13 mb!!! ( and my download is still on 0.0 kb/s :( ) How is this possible ? How can it upload 16,7 mb while the size of the file 13 mb is?

I hope someone can help me.(And especially that someone understand what i just typed :) )



Edit: Forgot to mention that my firewall is off.

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first off, it says you have uploaded 16meg because its a cumulative total. if 4 differnt people each downloaded a 4meg chunk from you, that adds up to 16. As for it completing, check to make sure that that part is actually avalible. Click the download, click the general tab at the bottom. Where it says 'avalibility', if you see any red in that bar, that means that no one has that part. If no one has the part you need, the download will just sit there until someone comes online that has that part. Sometimes the seeds are very busy and just wont upload for a while.

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First of all thanks for the answer.

But there is a little misunderstand I think,

Ill try to explain it more clearly:

My upload: ca. 100kb/s

My download: ca 0.1kb/s and 0.2kb/s

Now it all went fine till it got to 91.9% there the download went to 0.1 kb/s and the upload just went like it was. But now iit says that it has uploaded 16.7 mb while the size of the file is 13mb.

I checked the availability bar and it has red in it yes. Could you explain that more cleary what it means because i did not really understand what you meant. Thanks for the help!

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I understand what you are saying, but there seams to be some confusion. The uploaded part is adding up every amount that each person has uploaded from you. More than one person is dowloading from you, therefore when you add up what each person has downloaded from you, it goes over the file size. There is no relation between the file size and ammount uploaded that indicates a problem

When you see red, it means that no one currently using bit torrent has that part. A torrent is split into "parts" or "chunks". Usually about 2MB in size. When you download from somebody, you download 1 part, then that persion will upload to other people in line, then eventually will begin to upload to you again. If you see red, the person that started the torrent never uploaded the whole thing, so it will be very hard to get that last chunk because no one has it.

This is kindof hard to explain, if you need any further help, feel free to ask :)

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