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utorrent keeps changing port,s


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iv been useing utorrent for some time now it is a good program

but just recently my utorrent just keeps changing on me like

it keeps remaping it self never did this before it will say

upnp dicoverd new divce then it go,s upnp mapped port 60189 but

my port is set at 60188 is this normale or is there a problom

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this is going to sound strange but how do you reset my setting,s

never had to do that before becouse this all started when i downloaded

utorrent,s new up grade, speed giude say,s port is open but show,s

the rounge port number that i am useing for incoming connection

some how it keep,s mapping a diffrent port number

if reset does not work then what has this happend to any one else if so how did you fix the problom thank,s for any help any one can give me

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