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Total Network Ratio


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I would like to request a feature to enable utorrent be able to find out the total upload/download limits from every client and show the total torrent used bandwith vers the total amount of bandwith available for both upload/download.

I have been downloading a 1.4GB torrent with a speed around 10KB/s (others work perfect) and watching others download way faster got me thinking about a way to see how full the upload/downlaod slots would be.


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A reason why others race by you may be due to your own settings.

Other peers upload TO you (your download) based on how fast you're uploading to them relative to everyone else. If you're the slowest uploader to them, you may get little or nothing at all from them -- even if you're sending to them at 5 KB/sec.

How fast you can upload at max is limited to what your ISP allows, but how you split it between torrents can decide whether you get a slow download or a fast download in return.

Upload slots and number of torrents are the deciding factors you have control over. Too many torrents and you're uploading very slowly to each peer you could be also downloading from. Too many upload slots PER torrent can make that even worse. Too FEW upload slots means you may also end up uploading alot to only a couple peers that return little.

Total upload slots (total torrents times upload slots PER torrent) needs to be no more than 1 per every KB/sec of total upload speed you're giving out. Also, generally total upload slots needs to be no less than 1 per every 10 KB/sec total upload speed -- unless you're seeding, then it works just fine with fewer upload slots. I've personally had trouble maintaining my upload speed if I only use 1 or 2 upload slots per torrent while seeding, but that's because I'm usually uploading to decently seeded torrents.

Too many connections at once eats into the amount of free bandwidth for uploading and downloading PIECES of the torrent. Few torrents will see significant speed increases (such as 50% more speed) by allowing more than 40 connections per torrent, even if there are 1,000's of seeds+peers on that torrent. (If you do, it's probably due to your other settings being misconfigured!)

Trying lots of new connections per second (high half-open connection limit in other words) hurts too. Each new connection has to "handshake" before it can pass a single byte of the torrent, and that costs a surprising amount of bandwidth (possibly over 1/2 KB for encrypted connections or for torrents with LOTS of pieces -- so allowing 50 half-open connections might mean as much as a 25 KB/sec 'drag' on both up AND down speeds).

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