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I read the FAQ & went to portforward.com but still having problems


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this, and I know how everyone hates answering the same questions over & over again. But I read the FAQ and I read the Speed Problems forum posts. When I went to the Mini-guide, I did all the stuff suggested except the BIOS, & all my drivers are current. (my computer said it couldn't find any more recent drivers)

When I tried to use the TCPIP.sys patch, my prompt gives the message: "-Windows XP SP1 or lower' TCPIP.SYS detected. Your system has no limitation. No patching needed."

As for port forwarding, I went to the site, & my router isn't listed. I tried to type my gateway into the browser, but it kept coming up as "Page Cannot Be Dispayed" so I guess I have a bridge connection. I used the "Test if Port is Forwarded Properly" button in uTorrent's speed guide section, and it says that my port is working properly. I think I might need a static address, and portforward.com says I need to ask my ISP for a public IP address as well as what DNS servers to go to. Is this true?

Interestingly, after I did the TCP/IP optimizer, my downloads topped out at 260kB/s, uploads approx. 33kB/s. I know that download values fluctuate, but for about five mins. or so, it never went below 125 kB/s. But now my uploads are between 32-34kB/s, and downloads range from 40-80 kB/s. How can I sustain the download upwards of >100kB/s like before?

I have twice tested my speed numbers on yesterday and today. Yesterday they were 6098 kbps download & 360 kbps upload. However, tonight it is 6093 download & 309 upload. Why have the numbers suddenly dropped?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Like the speed-guide says "Select a good median result". Its normal, that values can go up and down. Which network icon you get (on the bottom, near the DHT) green/yellow/red?

If its green, everything is ok, only the torrent goes down. Try the "slackware"-torrent for testing out your settings and speed (as speed-guide says). It this one is ok, your torrents are slow. You can't do anything then.

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