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not seeding properly.. I think...


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Newb to utorrent after using Azureas for ages.

I have had utorrent running all last night and today. (see my other question on the forum). My question is... only the torrents I started myself that were not finished when I transferred from Azureas are seeding (uploading). No other ones have started..

If I had Azureas running for more than a few minutes, I would have a list of 5 or 6 seedings uploading at least.

I am using the default settings, but could i be doing something wrong ?


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hahah.. ok :)

But when I was using azureas, stuff that I had in my folder would start automatically if someone else wanted them... is that not how it works ? Azureas kept upl;oads separate in the bottom section of the screen and they would start and stop on their own, sometimes two and sometimes ten at a time..

Maybe I am missing something... :(

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