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can't get utorrent to work


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i can't get utorrent to work at a public library computer.

i have utorrent installed on my flash drive & am running the program from it.

i follow the setup guide instruction, and test the utorrent program for the slackware torrent that it recommend.

i get the following error when i click on the pg icon of utoorent:

1} error openning window firefall:0x80070609

2}unable to map UPNP Port

help please!!!

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Library computers are almost certainly using a shared connection such as a T-1 line (1.5 mbps).

That's only about 150 KB/sec down and up to share between all the connected computers, and it is very rude to hog that if there's anyone else there.

They are all typically connected via a commercial router/bridge that you'd only be able to hack into using a real axe...destroying it in the process. In other words, you are GUARENTEED FIREWALLED in µTorrent -- making it impossible to download and upload from other firewalled users...which often make up 60-90% of the seeds+peers on a torrent...and MOST of the faster ones.

You are often not allowed to install "outside" software on them, or they may even delete any changes every boot-up (using something like Deep Freeze).

Also, your activities are monitored to a degree. You often have to sign in at the front desk and state you won't do anything "illegal" on the computer. However downloading/uploading movies or MP3s would likely qualify as "illegal" in most countries. Downloading a tv show might not, depending on where it's from and where you're at.

A library computer is often a couple years old, slower, and with a much smaller hard drive that might have less than 1 GB free. ...so forget any big torrents even assuming you legally get by ALL the other hurdles!

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