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uTorrent window does not appear nor does in system tray!


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I am assuming my computer crashed, because I left the room and I came back to see my computer booting itself up. Once I was back into winxp pro, I was a little confuddled but thought nothing of it.

So I clicked on my uTorrent shortcut from the start bar...and nothing...I knew then something was wrong...and the crash was probably caused by uTorrent.

I have no idea what happened, but now uTorrent does not show up in the system tray and I can not get a window to appear for it...I had a three REALLY important torrents going and they are all above 30% and big files...

I can see that uTorrent is running with windows task manager but thats it.

What can I do to re-install uTorrent without loosing my torrents?

Also, best BitTorrent client ever! So I really want to get this working again. I have never had such a good expierence with one...until now of course >_<" but if the problem can be solved I will continue spreading the word!

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