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"Not Connectable", even when firewall turned off


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Okay, so we just recently got our high speed internet, but we don't have it all set up yet. We get it through a wireless access point in the neighbour's tree (it's still owned by our ISP), but since we don't have the ISP's specialized router, we can only my laptop, as it has a wireless card.

So right now, I'm on the laptop, and I'm connected directly to the WAP with my wireless card, nothing inbetween- no router, no firewall (well, I use the windows firewall currently, but it's off right now), nothing. But for whatever reason, I'm getting the "Not Connectable." error when using uTorrent. I added uTorrent to the firewall's allow list, but I still get the error. Turned the firewall off, and I still get the error! I went to options > speed guide and clicked the 'Test if port is forwarded properly' link, and I got an error saying that the port wasn't forwarded properly.

I still seem to be getting good speeds for now; 20-60KB/s dl, 20-150KB/s ul (Low speeds because the antenna to boost their signal is still on back order).

So, what's going on? Is it possible that my ISP is blocking uTorrent?

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Ah. I was wondering about that when I saw my card's IP (it starts with 10.).

Edit: It actually makes sense (that I'm connected to some sort of router) the way the service works. They have a couple of these access points in our neighbourhood, and anyone that uses that ISP has to connect to one of them. The recommended option is to get one of their custom-built wireless routers. This taps into their network using the customer's username and password, and then you can plug it into the WAN port on your existing router. But it doesn't make any sense for them to have a firewall on the access points. The wireless router that you can get from them has a firewall. Routers that people already have, have firewalls. And people still put software firewalls on their computers!

I'll wait a few days to contact them, because they're still wandering around doing various tests and tweaking the AP.

Thanks :)

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