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Torrens disappear


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1.1.6 Yesterday i had to reboot. There were 5 torrents in µtorrent. I closed the program and rebooted. After startin µtorrent i saw only 3 torrents. 2 torrents disappeared. I added 2 disappeared torrents and several times started and closed the program. All seemed to be fine.

1.1.7 Today i downloaded new version of µtorrent, closed 1.1.6 and replaced .exe. Started 1.1.7 and saw only 3 torrents. The same 2 torrents disappeared again.

All µtorrent settings stored in the program folder.

.torrent files stored: 3 torrents in the program folder, 2 torrents in the subfolder "Torrents".

Folder for .torrents files is set "f:/bla-bla/utorrent/torrents".

Both disappearing torrents are from the subfolder.

Looks like µtorrent searches .torrents only in the program folder and ignores folder settings.

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Sorry, I can't help but I just experienced a similar problem. In my case uTorrent crashed and all my downloads disappeared. I had about 24 all told, most queued.


uTorrent 1.1.7 (current edition, first install of this program)

The crash probably occurred because of a problem on my PC - I had been experienced frequent fault buckets and Shareaza program crashes (Windows Application Errors 1000 and 1001) before I moved to uTorrent, so it may be my hard disk or RAM that is the problem.

The Windows Event Log showed no similar (or any) errors though, yet when I returned to my PC my Internet connection was off, uTorrent had exited or crashed, and on restart none of the torrents show up.

There are folders and files in my "incomplete" folder, is there any way I can restart them? And what happened to the queued torrents?



PS: amazing program, except for this problem. I wouldn't have believed it possible to make something so small yet so effective!

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