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what settings would you recommend for this?


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well there is no highspeed internet in my area yet so i have dialup,and i still seed! but here is my question. What would you guys recommend for my dial up connection,as far as utorrent settings? I have patched my tcp.is. and am running windows xp and have my firewall open for utorrent and the port 32459. my settings for utorrent right now are...200 global connections 50 peers allowed. number of active up/downloads 1. dht allowed and im allowing legacy connections and udp port mapping allowed. these files take me a week to download! But i still seed 1:1. I'll be glad when dsl gets here that for sure. Thx for the responses in advance.

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Global connections: 20

Connections per torrent: 20

max torrents: 1

upload slots: 1

upload speed: 3 KB/sec (or 2 KB/sec while downloading and 3 KB/sec while seeding only)

download speed: 6 KB/sec <-- this is important to partially prevent overloads.

half-open connections: 4

bt.connect_speed: 8

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