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Why cant connect to more seeder??


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i have follow the setting of the sticky topic "Mini-guide to help all of you with your speed problems..." but i cant see mto download fast always ard 1 to 20kb. sometime but i seem 70 to 100kb but it for a few min & it's back to 1 to 20kb range. The number of seeder i get connected to is always ard 5 to 30, even if i see 1000+ seeder. I also upload what i download to a min share ratio of 2 to 4 before i close it.

Im using a Cable Modem of 6500Kbps or 6.5Mbps, i used the TCPOptimizer & change it to 6500Kbps & used the Optimal setting.

I dont think it's my com problem as i have 2Gb DDR2 Ram.

Pls Advice, thk in advance.

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This is my Modem model, Motorola Sb42000

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