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Pausing Files


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With "Files" I do NOT mean the torrents itself, but the files in the torrent. I could not find this feature on the forum, uTorrent of FAQ.


At the moment a file can have the following priorities:

-High Priority

-Normal Priority

-Low Priority

-Don't Download

Problem / Reason for the request:

Sometimes you only need one file of a torrent (for example a preview, screenshot, .NFO file, index or readme), and based on the content of that file you want to download some other files in that same torrent. In that case you have to prioritize all files as "Don't Download", except the wanted-file. The problem in this case is that once the wanted-file is downloaded, the torrent is immediately put in the "Completed" catagory, which causes an torrent-organization problem because you don't want it to marked as completed, you still want to choose which files you want to download based on the first file (preview, readme, screenshot or index).


This problem would be solved if it was possible to mark files with a "Pause" priority instead of "Don't Download". Then once the first file (for example the readme, screenshot or index) is finished, the torrent will still be in the "Downloading" catagory instead of immediately "Completed", and thus making it easier to manage/overview your torrents.

I hope my explanation is a bit clear :)

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