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Westell Versalink 327W


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Hello. I am currently using a Westell Versalink 327W. After I installed this utorrent program, I kept seeing a yellow icon, which shows that I am not getting the full connection for the downloads. I have searched here to find similar problems, and I tried them out. I keep getting an "error" saying that the port has been forwarded. I even forwarded ports 1-50000 and still that error shows up. What should I do?

As for firewall issues, I am only using the Windows SP 2 firewall and my router's firewall (which is currently turned off)

What is Upnp? Do I have to enable it?

As for an update, listing out steps, what should I do? Like I said before, I've done what others have done, unless I am doing this wrong.

hehe it would be nice if someone who has this kind of router, with a fully connected utorrent dl can tell me what to do.


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I'm having a similar problem as well, utorrent is giving me a red light and when I test to see if the port is forwarded correctly at http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=x, I am given negative as well. I did exactly what the 327W guide said and even looked at the 327-w guide to see it had any additional important information. utorrent did detect a properly forwarded port before today but I had to reset the router/modem because I had forgotten the login password. I didn't make any changes before the reset, all I did was follow portforward.com's instructions and everything worked.

I only have Windows XP's firewall and I have created an exception for utorrent. The router's firewall has been disabled as well. I've even added the same port I used in the service I created in the router in XPs firewall but that doesn't give me a green light. I also cleared the box for "Enable UPnP Port Mapping" in both utorrent and my router.

Here's what the service I created for utorrent looks like in my router, just as the instructions say.


One thing the instructions don't mention is this window that pops up when you enable a service. I clicked cancel.


Network Options › Global maximum upload rate: 86

Network Options › Alternate upload rate: 104

Network Options › Global maximum download rate: 352

Torrent Options › Global maximum number of connections: 864

Torrent Options › Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 108

Torrent Options › Number of upload slots per torrent: 21

Advanced Options › net.max_halfopen: 432

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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Reduce your half-open connections to only 40 or even all the way back to 8, because Microsoft has partially defeated the patch to fix that limit.

Also, reduce your upload slots per torrent considerably!

Your upload speed PER upload slot (which is upload slots x ALL active torrents) needs to be at least 3 KB/sec to get good results...and may get better results if set as high as 10 KB/sec.

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@bgmnt: I have no experience with routers but I do know that from a firewall perspective you need to allow incoming connections to the local port µTorrent is listening on, therefore it seems to me you should clicked OK instead of Cancel when your router asked if you were setting up a Host service.

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