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bug in path list, involves UNC network path


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Hi utorrent forum, my first post here :)

I found a minor "bug", if you would call it that.

When adding a torrent, in the path list I see my default download directory H:\download,

I then look at my other computer on the network (using Remote Desktop Connection), and see that I have that torrent in D:\bofh\download on that machine, so I copy the path from that machine and then paste that into the path list in µtorrent. Then I move the cursor at the beginning and start to add \\rusty\ infront of the path (without removing D:\bofh\download) and utorrent freezes.

So by the time I have already written in \\rusty\d$ infront of D:\bofh\download, I have to wait like 30 seconds for utorrent to be responsive again and I can remove D: so it displays the correct UNC path.


instead of


so the problem seems to be if you write anything before the : it checks for that path every time you write a character.

example of how I wrote:


\d:\bofh\download (freezing start here)









\\rusty\d$:\bofh\download (30 seconds later we are here)

\\rusty\d$\bofh\download (freezing ends here, correct UNC path)

To avoid this, one would have to remove the : before typing anything...

I know, not the most important "bug" to fix but maybe when you have some time over ;)

Love µTorrent, it's the best torrent client

EDIT: btw, I use latest µTorrent 1.6 (no beta was available on web site for me to test)

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Yes explorer will freeze too if I press enter and confirm that my typing is done, with µtorrent every time I write something (every character) it checks for free disk space even if my typing hasn't resulted in a valid path yet.

Try it yourself and you will see what im talking about.

Not that this is the most important thing in the world, but if µtorrent want to have a professional feel everywhere in the program this is something to consider...

Like if %path% = "%string : %string" and typing "\ %string : %string" call delay_free_space_check(10)

Note I am no programmer and by the above I mean to say µtorrent can delay the free space check if someone writes a backslash \ infront of a colon : in the path, this way the freezing will not occur until 10 seconds later (assuming he then has finished written the correct path)

Just trying to help out here not to be critizing

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