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another torrent Speed issue


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HI, i know a lot of people have the same problems i got.

Until a few days ago my conection was exelent, almost the limit of connection, but recently my conection went down considerably. from 115 kbps to no more than 10 kbps.

The wierd thing is that my current ISP speed it's working as it should: 110 kbps. but my torrent speed is less than 10 kbps as I said before.

I read every tutorial, post and FAQ and nothing...

Another thing, at my work the speed is 110 kbps flat for Donwload, but here, in my house the speed SUKS!

Please someone help.

ps. sorry about my english...


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Do you have a green light in the status bar? :YES

Enabled Protocol Encryption: YES

Tried this torrent? YES - the max speed is 10 kb/s


I have another question, is it possible that my ISP block or restrict something of my connection? I called my ISP and ask the same question and they say that they don´t block or restrict anything. like I sayd before, I have excelent speed: (109.7 KB/sec) for anything but torrent.

This my DSL test result:


dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-08-19 23:20:30 EST: 878 / 119

Your download speed : 878 kbps or 109.7 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 119 kbps or 14.9 KB/sec.




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It's easily possible that your ISP is lying to you... anyway, just to eliminate other possibilitys... did you select xx/128k in the Speed Guide and try disabling DHT and UPnP?

yes I did and it improve a little, from 10 kb/s to no more than 20 kb/s , i use to get 120 kb/s flat all the time.

by the way I download the script to open more tan 10 ports, and i set it to 50 ports.

... Is there a way to find out what my ISP has block or restrict? so I can call them

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If you're using a router, disconnect it and connect your computer directly to the modem instead. Also, try downloading these (for testing).



If you can get good speeds on the HTTP download, but not the BitTorrent download, then the problem almost definitely lies with your ISP.

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Ultima, i test those 2 method and the http download went OK --------> 120 kb/s... the other (torrent) no more than 5 kb/s

There's more than 1 people with the same problem so I think maybe there's no a problem with mi ISP.

and NO, i dont use other P2P, occasionally soulseek but no more p2ps


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