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Transfering files


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hi again

In guides to migration it said:

1) Open Notepad and write this line into it (replace "!ut" with which ever file extension you need to remove):

REN *.!ut *

I tried this in all forms...the MS Dos popped up for a split second and dissappeared..no action was done..am i doing this wrong..the above is kind of confusing...dont know which command i am suppose to type in notepad..sigh...I can still see BC! File...pls help again..thank you

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I tried to change it....the file appears like this.....(name of movie)


BC! File ( NOTE: this appears in gray)

so step 1) the MSDOS didnt change it when i typed (replace .ut!) or (replace .bc!) REN *ut

step 2) when i try to insert .ut! the rename shows as (name of movie -06.D2R.rmvb.ut!.bc!)

sorry..getting lost..

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what you want to archive in the end is that you have the plain filename and the plain extension. WITHOUT any ".!bc" or ".!ut" or ".whatever"

The batchfile was just intended to delete this non original fileextension automaticly when it would have been done correctly.

Since you made an error in writing the commandline now you have not less text, but more text.

If you have not hundrets of files you want to migrate to µT you can delete the nonoriginal crap in the filename by hand.

If you have "song.mp3.newcrap" then delete the ".newcrap" part so it stand originally "song.mp3" thats all :)

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@jinn111: Users of early Personal Computers had to type commands to work with the file system. REN (REName a file) is one such command, you can read about others here: List of DOS commands. A batch or command file is a basically a list of commands to be executed. DreadWingKnight and Ultima tried to advise how to create a batch file to automatically remove the !bc extension on the files you had been downloading with BitComet so you could resume downloading them with µTorrent. Since you had trouble with that just follow the advice of µTorrent-Guest. I hope this is simple enough English for you, not too technical.

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LOL..thank you so much all..i will try all the steps again (clearer & clearer as more replies come)...am grateful for this..at the same time i am learning so thats good...i must get it to work..i insist too..LOL..once again..A big THANK YOU all :D

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Oh and of course (to make it a bit more confusing for you) ;)

Make sure you can see the fileextension after all in the first place.

I'm not sure after reading your first post if you have done that already.

Per Default, Windows does not show the known file extensions.

(I don't know the "original english" GUI names to archive that, sorry)

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AHA!!! ..i got it...i am so glad u said that..uTorrent Guest..becos yes..u r right..it doesnt show..thats why i emphasized on the word BC! File (note: in gray)..i couldnt do much..hence all the problems.....its good now..Thank You..most grateful to all:D

BTW: 1) its funny cos its showing less done then when it was in BC..i reckon its something to do with pieces and all..there's 4 parts in 1 torrent....1 fully done, the remainder 3 almost finished, was showing at 88% in BC..but when transfered over to UT..its only showing 20%...

2) UTorrent 1.6 shows D:0.2k U: 1.9k (top left corner) BUT am not dloading or uploading at any of the torrents...thank you in advance for ur explanations..:)

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Hi I would like to know how to migrate my finished/unfinished files from BitTorrent client to uTorrent.

I couldn't find the .torrent files for my d/l tasks anywhere in my PC...I only found folders named "torrents""resume" and "metainfo" at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\BitTorrent\data but looks like the files in there are not .torrent files.

Somebody help me?

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the torrentfiles are very likely in the folder "torrents"

Probably you have not switched your windows explorer yet to show all files.

'Hidden files and folders' and "do not show file extensions on known files' might be it

(sorry my GUI is german) ;-)

Alternatively search the FAQ over there at BitComet where the torrents are stored, then follow the advice in this thread here or read the guide in my signature how to migrate


forget it! I see now what you mean those files there are hashvalue names without anything usefull. :-(

you might want to ask some of the new guys here in town from BitTorrent™ how to identify this shit "humanreadable" with a new off topic queston in the BitTorrent/µtorrent thread



Of course you could manually add ".torrent" at the end of the files in the torrentfolders and try to open them in µT and see in the save files dialog to what content these hashvalues are assigned.

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