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Alternate upload rate not kicking-in


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I have two active torrents. Each has multiple files. In each torrent, I picked only to download one file and set the rest to be skipped.

Now both selected files have completed downloading. For each torrent, I am continuing at 'seeding' status.

The problem is the upload speed remains controlled by "Global maximum upload rate". The "Alternate upload rate" setting has no effect.

I think uTorrent still considers these torrents to be still downloading because I did not ask for all the files in each torrent.

A side effect is that on the tracker site, I am only earning the reduced credits/MB applicable for leeching (downloading & uploading). Instead of the higher credits/MB for seeding (uploading only).

Is this the expected behaviour of this application? Thanks...

uTorrent: 1.6 build 474

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Thanks for confirming this. Sorry I didn't expect the options UI to be pedantic on that point.

In general, I try not to download any part I don't need, on the presumption that someone else needing those parts would appreciate the chance to connect to the seeds/peers in my place. Since my broadband link is asymmetrical, it takes roughly six times as long for the swarm (as a whole, economically speaking) to break-even with ratio 1.0, for any data I download. Except for rare or unpopular files, there is no benefit in encouraging moving lots of unwanted data around.

It seems an unintended consequence of the tracker site to have advocated grouping these loosely related files into single torrents. Like having to buy a whole CD of twenty tracks to get the one song you really wanted. All that overhead waste sloshing around just to support the distributor.

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