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an old problem with Firefox returns


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The problem:  when opening/downloading  a torrent file in Firefox the torrent file is saved in the download directory that I designated in FF (hypothetically for this example  C:\loadingzone) as opposed to the dir I have designated in uTorrent (K:\ut\torrentfiles)

What was changed: nothing with uTorrent was altered, I have used this same version and settings for a long time.  I keep all torrent-related stuff beneath K:\ut\   and all has been well.

Upgrading Firefox to 122.0.1 forced me to create a new FF profile; I think FF is great, but being forced to create a new user profile and reload my add-ons etc is a true pain in the neck.  Now, when I download a torrent the .torrent file is put in the FF designated download directory (C:\loadingzone) and is then opened by uTorrent.  From there on all is good, and when it is done a copy of the .torrent file can be found in the dir where uTorrent saves the already used .torrent files (hypothetically again K:\ut\torrentfiles\used_tfiles).  The .torrent file in the FF download directory remains there.

So yes, things are operable, but having those .torrent files in my general download directory is inconvenient and annoying.  This DOES NOT happen when I use a magnetic link, all is as it should be.
Some time back there was a solution for this involving setting "browser.download.improvements_to_download_panel" to 'false' but this did not help me this time.

Anyone else have this problem?


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